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2.5D Puzzle Stealth game through Scandinavian nature with an unknown enemy following and stalking the player. Discover the dark secret these abandoned places hide in the middle of a beautiful nature. 

Destroy the Serum

First Person Shooter saving the world from giant spiders, cleaning out a military base and destroying the Serum that caused all the chaos.


Mind Prison

Mind Prison is a Hybrid Tabletop-Video game. It is aimed to newcomers to this genre and features a linear story line with a touch of RPG elements. It is a two player game and no Game Master is needed. 


Game brief for a narrative driven experience/ artistic adventure game to be developed in Unreal. Re-live the life of Susan, discover her story and make new decisions for her.

Journeyman Emotions

Artistic Expression of the journey of emotions I went through Journeyman. Game Mechanics are used as metaphors for feelings and everything around you will feel very abstract.

Color Swop

Puzzle Platformer. Use buttons to change the players colour but bare in mind that you can only step on platforms of the same colour. 

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